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Monday, December 04, 2006



Happy Anniversary of Dead Blog!

I didn't know that my wife are this busy for over 1 year! Will try to get her back to blogging.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


It's been a long long time since I updated the blog with words. Well, my parents went back to M'sia on the 6th. And it's great to have them around. Now that they're gone, I guess Ethan suffered a little. He got used to having people accompanying him 24/7 but not anymore. Guess it's a little frustrating for him. Not sure whether he missed his grandparents, but I do miss my parents.

Since they have left, so why am I still taking such a long time to write a new post. Well, let's just say that I'm very very busy. With what? Moving! Yup, the other day while my parents were still here, a building inspector came and knock on our door. The basement apartment isn't supposed to have people living unless they met the requirements and laws. Apparently, when my landlady bought the house, it's already build this way. Anyway, she received a summon and we're required to move within the end of this month. Since we've been living in this house for more than a year, a lot of things have piled up. So now...we're packing, packing, packing. Mund's bros aren't going to live with us, actually all of us are moving to different places. I think it's kinda a relief too (those of you who knows, will know why I'm relieved)

Anyway, I guess it's hard for me to type more. It's unfair that Mund is doing the packing and I'm sitting here comfortably in front of the computer. It's the best time to pack since Ethan is sleeping. When he's awake, he'd sticked to us like glue. So, no packing when we're alone...cause either one of us had to take care of him. Haihh...that's what makes the packing process so hard to do. And...I won't be able to update more, until I've moved. Even after I've moved, I don't think we'll get internet connections that quick. So if you really want to contact me, best is to email me. take care y'all.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Kick you.
Posted by Mund

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sightseeing in NYC

Ferry ride to Statue of Liberty, luckily no one got seasick.Ethan doesn't seem to be too amuse at Lady Liberty
It's chilly 80+ floor up at the Empire State Building.
The famous Brooklyn Bridge at dusk ,taken at Pier 17

Scenery from the amusement park of beautiful Coney Island

Monday, September 26, 2005

Bus Tour to Washington D.C - The Story

We've never brought Ethan for any big trips so far, so going on the bus tour to Washington D.C was his first trip. Not knowing what to expect how Ethan will behave, we went there prepared for any tantrums, any non-stop crying and so on. Not only that, we brought extra Pampers, extra formula, extra clothing and etc. We managed only to use half the Pampers we brought by the way.

Once we got on the bus, Ethan was purely excited. He's checking out the seat, the window, the people walking on the street, and how he could look at his grandparents if he stand up instead of sitting. He just doesn't like it that much when the tour guide speaks through the microphone, as he tried to shout back at him. Not long after, he's being rotated from Mund's lap to Grandpa's lap to Grandma's and mine of course. He likes it best when he's on Grandma's lap, then stand up and peek at us. Then Mund would play game with him where he pretended to be sleeping...and then try to scare him. Ethan laughed so loudly and he practically fall down on Grandma's lap.

Normally whenever we reached any destinations, we would be the last to get off from the bus as we need to unload his stroller as well. Ethan would then be superstar where everybody will smile at him. He would try to grab on their sleeves for attention and then flashed them with the brightest smile ever. We would be ignored...just like always whenever we took him out. Only at home he will pay attention to us. Out in the streets he would be on the prowl, looking for the next victim to target at and make their day. Especially on the subway, he would look for whoever is interested in him, and then throughout the trip, he would smile at that particular person if they responded.

Towards the end of the first day, Ethan was very tired, and he slept on my shoulder, but he was awaken a few times because we still have places to visit, and we had to put him on the stroller. At times he awakens, at times he continued sleeping. Such a pitiful sight to see him being woken up and couldn't sleep back. But still he maintain his hellish crying or tantrums.

Funnily, hotel is not his thing. Once we entered the room, he wouldn't want to be put down on the bed. Probably he recognizes that it's not his (our) room. Esp the bedsheet on Days Inn is so appalling, whoever decorated the room must have been a pattern freak. It's between Indian and Arabian fashion I guess. Once Ethan settled on the bed, he wouldn't let Mund or I out of the bed. We had to be on the same bed as he is. He would complain even if I walk about. Bathing him was a mess too. He wouldn't sit on the tub, and both of us had to hold a screaming infant and scrubbed him clean. Not so sure about the clean part, but it was done speedily, so that the wailing will end. Luckily, putting him to bed isn't much of a challenge, as the magic nipple of mine is always the best 'sleeping pill' for him. There's two bed in the room, but for security of Ethan, we slept in just one, in case he roll off the bed. Next morning, we woke up with Mund on the other bed. According to him, Ethan kick him off the bed and have the other half of the bed all by himself.

As for the next day, it's just about the same as the first. He like to sightsee as well, cause he wouldn't pay attention to the camera of which he like to pose at normally. On the bus, he would try to win some hearts again..and that's about it. Conclusion is Ethan will definately be on the next vacation. Next stop: Niagara Falls

Coming up next: more pix taken with grandparents in NYC.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Bus Tour to Washington D.C

Peeking on his parents between the seats as Grandpa looks on
Ethan keep wanting to walk thus Grandma and I had to hold his hands.
Posing in front of the Statue of Abraham Lincoln
Proud grandson of two very happy grandparents.

Coming up - Bus Tour to Washington D.C - The Story

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Since I was meme-d by Marsha, I have no choice but to post about this before updating about the stuffs that's been going on in our life since the arrival of my parents. Hence, the following comes...

20 years ago (1985)
I'm just a mere 3-year-old toddler, and unfortunately my memories doesn't go back so far. The earliest memories I had went back only to my kindergartener years only. I remembered memorizing books instead of actually reading them cause I can't read! I still remember the series I read most was 'Peter and Jane'. I wonder if they still exist in today's kindergarten. I was also a very reserved child, hardly socialize with others and have only very few friends. Always in my own world, but I don't remember having any imaginary friends though.

10 years ago (1995)
Getting from a primary schooler to a secondary schooler wasn't hard at all. Yeah, the environment changes, but most of the faces are the same as most of the students are from the same primary school. I got into the first class for Form 1, from there my academics deteriorate to second class for Form 2, and third class for Form 3. I think I really go with the flow...I remember being 20ish position in every form, and the reason I was put behind is because of the quota that malays should be placed in better class even though their results was worse than the chinese. Apart from school, I was always at tuition classes or piano classes for almost everyday of the week. Tuition was really fun, I still love Mr Chee's way of teaching. I enjoyed those times, cause those were the only time I was away from home. Teenage years was boring cause my parents were strict ones, I hardly get to go out with friends.

5 years ago (2000)
College! Yay! I got to make my own decision, I get to go where I want, and it's fun! Almost felt like a bird finally getting out of that golden cage. TARC was nice, although unlike 'fun' people, I had to stay in the hostel. Get to stay in the same room with my lifetime best friend, JY and most of the time we even double date (her then bf was best friend with my then bf) Everything worked out good until she left for SIA due to some personal reasons. But things didn't go any worse, my next roommate is also an Ipoh gal, we got along very well, and had a lot of fun as well. Sorry can't really go into details as my mom is also a reader of this blog. Hehe. Some things are better kept unsaid.

3 years ago (2002)
Came to US for further studies. Felt a little odd since Campbell Uni was located at a very rural area. Still remembered the feelings when the school van took my friends and I back to the Uni. It took around 45 minutes, but I was scared shitless. Felt as though an accident is going to occur cause the driver drove on the right side of the road. Felt worse whenever we had to take a turn, cause that's where it's most confusing. And felt even more unsecure when the driver is talking on the cellphone and driving at the same time. Worst thing was that the longer the journer, the less we saw of buildings. All around was just trees, grasses and lands that goes all the way to the horizon. Where is he taking us?
Anyway, I grew to love Campbell so much, I miss it even now, although I've only spent one year there. The people were the friendliest, warmest people I've ever known. Still miss being in the choir as well, as we're the travelling choir. Been to quite a few towns in NC travelling with them, but unluckily I don't have any cameras with me, so all will just remains as memories. Being the only asian the choir wasn't that bad either. Of course there's one or two who discriminate, but most of them were very very nice to me. I love Campbell Uni!!

2 years ago (2003)
Graduated with Bachelors Degree, left NC to come to NYC, embarking on a career of a lifetime. Who wouldn't want to be successful in NYC? But everything went crashing down after knowing that I wouldn't get an OPT (something like a working permit for foreign student who graduated in US) It's hard for me to take as I've always been very ambitious. Imagine going to interview, impressing the interviewers, getting positive feedbacks only to be decline because I didn't get the OPT yet (at that time I didn't know I will never ever get them) Anyway, whenever a door closes another opens. I'm lucky to have a great guy friend who took me around and look after me. Anyway, he became my bf and now, my husband.

1 year ago (2004)
The birth of Ethan Lim!! Wants to know more? Read from the archieves!

And so, I pass on this meme to
Mund and Andrew. Hopefully Mund will continue on with this, and as for Andrew, I'm sure it won't be a trouble for him as he's an avid blogger.